March 01, 2018

TAPAs: Real-World Tips for Finding Clients

Jeffrey Allen and Ashley Hallene

Photo by on Unsplash


In the past we have offered tips on technology tools to market your practice, but this time some of our tips focus on getting out in the community and marketing yourself in the “flesh.” There is a good reason to redirect your attention from your screen back to the real world. Your competitors are already online holding up digital billboards and vying for the attention of your potential clients (PCs). If you do not have an online presence established already, then you need to put it together now. Check out Jason P. Lisi’s January column (here) or Lisa Salazar’s book, A Lawyer’s Guide to Internet Marketing (here) to get started. Assuming you do have an online presence established, then you certainly have noticed how crowded the Internet highway is these days. Your goal should be to build enough of an online presence to establish your credibility (you will want some place to direct a PC to learn more about you), but then focus your efforts on picking up clients in the real world. We have some tips on how to do both, below.

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