March 01, 2018

Mindfulness 101: Greedy, Grumpy, Doubtful—Oh My! What’s a Lawyer to Do?

Debi Galler

Much like the appearance of the Seven Dwarfs in Snow White, each with his own particular characteristics, throughout the annals of history the appearance of any one or all of Greedy, Grumpy, Slothful, Anxious, and/or Doubtful reflects patterned responses to adversity that trip us up in our daily lives. What is your “go-to” response when adversity strikes, such as when you lose a critical motion, a client fires you, you screw up on a contract, you get a flat tire on the way to a meeting, or you encounter really anything that you perceive to be a major obstacle? Is it desire (aka “retail therapy”)? You just can’t deal with the problem until a material want is satisfied? What about aversion (including hatred, anger, fear or impatience—aka “kicking the cat”)? Do you yell and scream at your co-workers, client, strangers, or take it out on anyone in your path? Or what about our good friend sloth (aka the “ostrich”)? Do you just call in sick and bury your head under your pillow for a while in an effort to avoid, at least temporarily, addressing the issue? How about anxiety (aka “Murphy’s Law”)? Do you go into a downward spiral where you imagine everything else that could go wrong and believe that it will? Or is it doubt that knocks on your door? Do you begin to question why you even became a lawyer in the first place? One or more of these patterned responses could be preventing you from resolving difficult issues in a manner befitting the competent, capable lawyer you are.

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