March 01, 2018

From Athlete to Advocate: Lessons Learned Through Sports Propel Lawyers to Compete as Champions

Stacey L. Romberg

This article is the first of four installments exploring the stories, lessons, and advice of high-level athletes who went on to become successful solos and small firm attorneys.

Before becoming an attorney, I played tennis. I worked hard to become a ranked junior, both in my home state of Idaho and in the Intermountain region section,1 winning a high school state doubles championship and then continuing to play tennis for two years at Idaho State University. From age 11 through 18, I enjoyed competing against five outstanding young women who consistently achieved the top Idaho rankings in our age group. Out of our group of six, four of us became attorneys.2 Was this merely a coincidence? Or could it be that we learned some valuable lessons from all those hours spent practicing and competing that propelled us to our current legal careers? I contend it’s the latter.

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