March 01, 2018

Clarifying Cloud Computing: Biometric Data Collection, Storage, Engagement Agreements, and Use in the Cloud

Al Harrison and Joseph Jacobson

This article, the latest in a series exploring cloud computing and ethics, addresses engagement agreement modification to take into account a firm’s use of cloud computing. Cloud computing may or may not involve taking client data, files, and work product outside the United States. The implications for your firm and your firm’s clients can be significant. 

From phones to secure room access pads, biometric data is gaining greater acceptance for use as an integral part of physical and cyber security. How that data is collected, transmitted, and stored often involves the cloud. Biometric data has the positive advantage of ease in use (your fingerprint, your hand, your iris, your face—all are accessible and available). Biometric data avoids cumbersome codes that must be easy enough to be remembered and can be stolen by someone looking over your shoulder.

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