June 01, 2018 Practice Management

Defining Moments: Dr. Artika R. Tyner

By Melanie Bragg

It is a pleasure and an honor to write this month about my good friend and prolific author and leader Dr. Artika R. Tyner. Her “Lead Line” is Integrate Faith into Action. Dr. Tyner and I share the belief that our faith drives our careers. It is woven into the tapestry of our lives—both professional and personal—and we can’t discuss one aspect without discussing the other. I met Dr. Tyner when she was working on her doctorate and forming her very successful TEDx talk. Dr. Tyner is a master brander. By knowing who she is and what her purpose is, she is able to create her life and career accordingly. These leadership skills are learned and honed continuously. Dr. Tyner tapped into her purpose early in her career and discovered that she is a “freedom fighter with an afro.” Her passion and integrity stand out in all she does, and since those early days of her tentative posture, she has blossomed into the amazingly self-confident and strong, yet passionate leader who is an inspiration to all.

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