July 02, 2018 Practice Management

From Athlete to Advocate: Lessons Learned Through Sports Propel Lawyers to Compete as Champions, Part 3

By Stacey L. Romberg

This article is the third of four installments exploring the stories, lessons, and advice of high-level athletes who went on to become successful solo and small-firm attorneys.

This article series explores the relationship between sports and the law, and how athletics provides the perfect training ground of hard work, discipline, strategic skills, competitiveness, passion, balance, teamwork, and sportsmanship—all desired qualities for running a successful solo or small firm legal practice. In my first article I introduced four notable athletes who went on to develop successful solo and small firm practices, and who will be featured throughout this article series: Kathleen McRoberts, Merrell Bailey, Bob Mionske, and Patricia Miranda. My second article explored how a background in athletics can impact an attorney’s fundamental decisions about his or her career. In this article, I will discuss how aspects of the athletic experience can influence an attorney’s approach to practicing law.

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