January 01, 2018 Technology

Cybersecurity in Small Law Firms: A Survey

By Stephen M. Zetzer

As a cybersecurity defense strategy consultancy focused on small law firms and professional offices, eWranglers (of which I am founder and principal owner) wondered what law firms were doing to protect client data. Our theme for 2017 was to explore the concept of what security measures are easy to implement, are widely known, and can be considered essential and reasonable for all law firms. The term “reasonable” is so widely used in the legal industry that we felt it applied in particular to cybersecurity. Law firms harbor a trove of personal, confidential, and sensitive data about their clients. The release or exposure of such data for many clients may be harmful to their reputation, business, and personal lives. Of course, any data breach easily has the potential to put a law firm out of business. To expand on “reasonable,” we are really talking about those steps that a reasonable person would take to protect data in the firm.

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