August 01, 2018 Technology

Clarifying Cloud Computing: Cyber Insurance

By Al Harrison and Joseph Jacobson

This article, another installation of the series exploring and elucidating the inextricable relationship between cloud computing and ethics, addresses and emphasizes the importance of invoking proven and time-tested virtual private network (VPN) software for securing Internet access via the “cloud,” especially when attorneys engage in Internet-based services while away from the presumably safe and secure brick-and-mortar law office environment.

Cyberattacks have become prevalent in virtually every industry and field of endeavor, including the legal field. Law firms, regardless of size or practice concentrations, seem to have become targets of miscreants and cybercriminals. Notwithstanding this undeniable trend, law firms that routinely engage in transactions and litigation involving proprietary and particularly high-dollar valuable assets typified by mergers and acquisitions, intellectual property, etc., seem to be favorite targets for malware intrusions and cyber-crime.

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