April 01, 2018

Stressed about Marketing? Do What Really Works for Solos and Small Firms

Terrie S. Wheeler

I have always known that lawyers in small firms understand marketing a lot better than their peers and colleagues in bigger firms. Big firms generally come with a small army of marketing professionals who will handle everything from the firm’s website, to PR and communications, to managing the database, developing marketing plans, and hosting events. Small law firms need to figure out how to develop clients, or they won’t be successful. Big firms generally offer more of a security blanket to lawyers, many of whom don’t have clients yet, but the firm has confidence they will over time.

As a small firm or sole practitioner, you have a plethora of marketing options available to you. Just look at your e-mail today. It’s likely you have at least five or six e-mails touting opportunities you “don’t want to miss,” inviting you to advertise with them or offering qualified leads that will result in clients. You get messages from so many marketing providers you can’t handle them all, but still, in the back of your mind, you wonder, “What if I’m missing out on the one thing that could drive clients into my practice?”

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