April 01, 2018

Mindfulness 101: Adversity - Give In, Give Up, Go Home? Or Transform, Transcend, Succeed!

Debi Galler

Adversity is all around us. It is the nature of the beast of being a lawyer. Problems of all shapes and sizes come up all the time in both our professional and personal lives, and they range from the trivial, to the profound, to the overwhelming. We place many labels (all negative) on adversity: failure, tragedy, difficulty, obstacles, setback, crisis, suffering. Adversity can come from many sources: looming deadlines; adverse decisions; difficult clients, colleagues, or opposing counsel; internal firm or corporate changes and challenges. The challenge is to meet adversity with inquiry, in the spirit of mindfulness, and refocus our attention and thoughts from the negative to the positive, or if not to the positive, at least to the possible.

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