October 2017

The Evolution of Marketing for Solos and Small Firms: Where We Go from Here


The Evolution of Marketing for Solos and Small Firms: Where We Go from Here

In an interview with marketing strategist Jim Bliwas, author Terrie S. Wheeler discusses changes they have seen in law firm marketing and what may lie ahead.

Helpful advice on every aspect of running your practice, from opening doors through planning for retirement. This month: six concrete actions lawyers should take to step up their game when communicating.

Learn how to improve cash flow by adding a direct marketing component to your firm’s business development plan.

Where Tom Brady endorses “pliability” as key to peak physical performance, so mindfulness is key to peak mental performance for lawyers.

These business developmement tips will help you take your law firm operations to the next level.

Technology news and tips to help you become more efficient and effective. In this month’s column: tips to let you experience the superior backup, accessibility, and search functions possible when you adopt an electronic document storage system.

Need to keep all your electronic devices charged through a long day of work or travel? The PQI i-Power 12000NB has you covered.

Banks should stop refusing “win-win” deals where families keep their homes and banks make money.

How do a servicemember’s Basic Allowance for Housing stipend and Basic Allowance for Subsistence stipend factor into child support calculations?

A look at the efforts of visionary individuals and organizations that have contributed to the growing gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, and age diversity in aviation.

Rights of first refusal, rights of first offer, and options to purchase real estate require careful planning and negotiation, precise and comprehensive drafting, and continuous monitoring.


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