June 01, 2017

In the July/August GPSolo Magazine: Developing Your Greatest Resources

Cedric Ashley

Developing Your Greatest Resources is all about you—the attorney. The issue kicks off with the article “Emotional Intelligence (EQ): Why Lawyers Need It to Succeed.” In this article, I offer a basic overview of EQ. To explore EQ, I use a hypothetical work day for “Larry,” an attorney who has had a rough Friday. Readers are introduced to the four major EQ areas: self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management.

Larry, as well as many other attorneys, could benefit from the various resources—such as coaching—available to improve performance. In her article “Professional Coaching Is Your Secret Weapon,” author Elise Holtzman takes the reader through the basics of how coaching can improve your law practice. Elise helps the reader understand what coaching is; how lawyers can benefit from working with a coach; and how to hire, engage, and drive results with a coach.

Continuing the focus of human capital development, Dina M. Mastellone and Amanda Frankel explore the critical topic of hiring staff. “The Agony and the Ecstasy of Law Office Staffing” leads readers through some valuable processes to ensure they land the right candidates. Hiring takes up a lot of time and resources. The authors provide great practical insights on how to do this legally and effectively.

Lawyering can be stressful. Cheyne R. Scott tackles the issue of stress head-on in her article “Mindfulness: A Simpler Way to Alleviate Attorney Stress.” Cheyne offers a personal account of her experience with stress and anxiety that led her to the emergency room. To combat stress and anxiety, Cheyne provides a great overview of the concept of “mindfulness.” She then explores the benefits to be gained from mindfulness and how you can incorporate mindfulness into your practice and daily life.

In “Cleaning Up Toxic Workplaces,” authors Shawn Healy and Rodney S. Dowell explore the various characteristics of a toxic workplace and factors that contribute to the development of these environments. The authors do more than just inform us of the problem. Shawn and Rodney offer a great number of solutions that will cleanse those workplace toxins.

As you continue to self-develop, it is important to take advantage of the resources available to you—including bar associations. In the whimsically titled article “Don’t Call Saul! Actively Participate in a Bar Association Instead,” Kenneth E. Sharperson reminds us of the benefits of bar involvement. Kenneth also sets forth a bar involvement plan to make the most of your efforts.

Bar involvement is a place where attorneys of diverse backgrounds are likely to come into contact. Diversity also occurs within generations. Millennial Aastha Madaan and Baby Boomer Miles S. Winder III engage in an inter-generational dialogue in their article “How Baby Boomer and Millennial Lawyers Can Get Along.”

In “A Journey on the Road Less Traveled: The Life of a Transgender Attorney,” Robyn B. Gigl offers a compelling narrative of her journey: “knowing that after living the way I had for 55 years, I had gotten to the point where I would rather have been dead than continue living a life that in one important aspect was a lie.” This is a powerful personal account of one attorney who choose to become the person she truly was.

Finally, our technology articles in the issue are kicked off with “Increasing Your TQ (Technology Quotient): Why Lawyers Must Become Competent in the Tech Domain.” Author Edward Zohn explains why lawyers must keep up with computer and tech innovations to remain competent and competitive. He explores 13 tech competencies that attorneys should use to assess their TQ. How will you measure up?

From EQ to TQ, this issue is all about you—from the old you, to the undiscovered you, to the new you! Happy Reading!


Cedric Ashley



Cedric Ashley is a New Jersey–based solo practicing as Ashley Law Firm and concentrating in civil litigation, employment litigation, and nonprofit governance. He serves on the Editorial Board of GPSolo magazine and is the Convening Issue Editor of the July/August 2017 “Developing Your Greatest Resources” issue. He may be reached at cedric@ashleylawfirm.com.