June 01, 2017

Mindfulness 101: Lawyers and Stress: The Need for Grounding

Melanie Bragg


In May 2017 GPSolo held its Joint Spring Meeting with Group Legal Services Association (GSLA) and Group and Prepaid Legal Services in Scottsdale, Arizona. I was honored to present two programs: One on “Cross-Marketing Your Publications and Your Practice” and one on “More Secrets of Conscious Lawyers.” In these sessions I had the opportunity to listen to the needs of our attendees. The audiences were eager to speak, and I appreciated their honesty. I was happy they shared with such vulnerability but dismayed at what they shared. The words “stressed,” “overwhelmed,” and “tired” came through loud and clear. One woman was ready to leave the practice to take a job that resulted in a 50 percent pay cut. The stresses of her practice combined with the pressures at home were just too much, and she needed a change. One man stood up and told the crowd that he had taken care of his family, his practice, and his clients for so long that there was never anything left for him. . . . It was clear he was near the breaking point—in need of refreshment.

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