June 01, 2017

How to Create Your 2017 Marketing Plan—Pillar III: Low-Cost, High-Impact Strategies to Increase Your Name Recognition

Terrie S. Wheeler

This article represents Part IV in a series of articles designed to provide the framework for you to develop and implement your personal marketing plan to grow your law practice. Each article to date extrapolates on The Four Pillars of Marketing™:

 I. Retain and Grow Relationships with Existing Contacts
II. Develop New Business
III. Build Name Recognition and Awareness (this article)
IV. Targeted Communications (coming in August 2017)

Please don’t forget that I have also created a resource area on the PSM website just for readers of the GPSolo e-Report. Here you will find access to previous articles I’ve written as well as other materials including articles, tip sheets, blog posts, and webinars related to each article. You can access resources for this article here.

Why Is Name Recognition Important?

Many lawyers I have worked with would really prefer not to have to market at all. They like to hold onto a concept—you know the one: If I build it, they will come. It is no longer realistic to think that because you are an amazing and talented lawyer, clients will find you. I can’t tell you how many times I hear my clients say, “But the phone isn’t ringing!” As we all know, marketing for lawyers involves a lot more than wishing and hoping clients will call. So what’s a lawyer to do?

 Key Takeaway: Visit our GPSolo eReport Marketing Resources Page for this article.



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