July 01, 2017

Clarifying Cloud Computing: Ransomware and Ethics

Al Harrison and Joseph Jacobson

This article, the first in our GPSolo eReport series exploring cloud computing and ethics, addresses ransomware and its relation to cloud computing. Our introduction to the topic appeared as the “GP Mentor” column in GPSolo magazine’s May/June 2017 issue.


Be Aware! Ransomware Can Reach Your Cloud

Ransomware is malware designed to encrypt your hard drive and all other digital storage devices on your local network. Access to your illicitly encrypted files then depends on payment of a ransom in crypto-currency (untraceable digital currency such as Bitcoin). Unless the demanded ransom is timely paid, you will not be given the key to unlock (i.e., to decrypt) your files. Importantly, even if the ransom is paid, you are not assured of receiving the key to decrypt your files.

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