August 01, 2017

How to Create Your 2017 Marketing Plan—Pillar IV: Staying Top-of-Mind with Contacts: Targeted and Effective Communication Strategies

Terrie S. Wheeler

This article is the fifth in a series designed to provide the framework for you to develop and implement your personal marketing plan to grow your law practice. For your convenience, here are links to the articles in this series:

I have also created a resource area on the PSM website just for readers of the ABA GPSolo eReport. Here you will find access to previous articles I’ve written as well as other materials including tip sheets, blog posts, and webinars related to each article. You can access resources for this article here.

Targeted and relevant communications can help you maintain a top-of-mind position with your clients and contacts. Today, there are myriad ways to communicate with your best contacts without becoming a bother or, worse yet, being marked as spam. This article features some of the most efficient and cost-effective ways you can pursue targeted communications. As a solo or sole practitioner, you need a program that will save all your clients and referral sources and will give you the ability to sort your contacts into groups (in-house counsel, manufacturing industry, therapists, financial professionals, and others) so you can create targeted communications that speak directly to your targeted groups. Let’s take a look at strategies that will help you pursue laser-focused communications with your clients, contacts, and referral sources.


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