April 01, 2017

In the May/June GPSolo Magazine: Prepare for Clouds Ahead

Ashley Hallene

The next issue of GPSolo magazine will examine “Cloud Computing” for today’s lawyer. According to the 2016 ABA Legal Technology Survey Report, 38 percent of lawyers report using a web-based software solution, which is often referred to as cloud computing. Those percentages are higher if you focus on solos (42 percent) and small firms (46 percent), reflecting how smaller operations remain better able to adapt. With the list of choices being about as long as the list of benefits, having some guidance can be a tremendous help. If you are looking to implement or expand your cloud storage, check out Catherine Sanders Reach’s article “What Flavor of Cloud Storage Should I Use?” Aside from an examination of pricing and benefits, you will find a checklist of factors to consider when selecting your online storage provider. As an added bonus, Reach offers a checklist for assessing the security of cloud file storage systems. Reach’s article also brings up the point that a cloud storage system is not the same as a cloud backup system. Fear not, though, if backup systems trouble you, then we’ve got you covered with James R. Gast Jr. and David Myers’s article “Brace for Impact: Digital Disaster Recovery Planning and Cloud Backup.”


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