September 01, 2016

Defining Moments: Leaders Listen, Learn, Let Go

Melanie Bragg

As we move into the busy fall season I contemplate the unique qualities of leaders and I wonder what separates the average lawyer from the super lawyer in their business and personal lives.  

We wear so many hats and so much is expected of us each day. What qualities do we need to possess, cultivate, activate, and enhance to get a higher net return on our efforts for our families, our clients, and ourselves? Lawyers hold a critical position in our culture. It is imperative that we are at our best, in all aspects of our lives. We are the conduit between justice and injustice for the public. How we function makes a difference in how the world functions. When you realize how important we are to the effective and efficient running of society, the need to tap into what makes a lawyer a leader becomes more of a priority.

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