May 01, 2016

An ADA Checklist as You Go About Your Practice

William D. Goren

The scope of the Americans with Disabilities Act is so broad that there is scarcely an area of the law the ADA does not reach. There are ethical concerns to consider as well. What this article does is set forth a checklist that GPSolo small firm practitioners might find useful as they go about their law practices. Consider it issue spotting writ large. Also, keep in mind that this checklist is not exclusive. To date, I have over 220 different topics that I have discussed on my blog, Understanding the ADA. The checklist is also not one that would be used when dealing with an ADA case itself. For that, you can find ADA case specific checklists in my book, Understanding the ADA, Fourth Edition (ABA GPSolo 2013). This article breaks things down by selected subject areas, statute of limitations, and legal malpractice concerns.

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