July 01, 2016

Book Review: The Product Liability Desk Reference

R. Joseph Kramer

Every product liability attorney will find The Product Liability Desk Reference: A Fifty State Compendium an instrumental resource to enhance the efficiency of their practice. It is particularly recommended for products liability attorneys practicing in areas of products liability law involving mass produced products that lead to “mass torts” across the entire United States (e.g., pharmaceutical or medical device liability).

The products liability legal arena requires the practitioner to research different points of law across every jurisdiction in the United States. Competent practitioners must assure themselves of these routine points of law at every stage of litigation, from initial client contact through trial, which can be very time consuming.

The Products Liability Desk Reference provides concise summaries of key products liability law in all 50 states.

At the intake stage, attorneys can quickly refer to the statutes of limitation subsection for an analysis of both the statute date and the discovery rule. In addition the cause of action summary offers concise legal summaries of each actionable cause and their nuances from each jurisdiction, as well as defenses to those causes of action.

The reference material found in The Products Liability Desk Reference greatly accelerates an attorney’s ability to assess core areas of product liability law, for every state, when drafting complaints, discovery, or dispositive motions. When deeper analysis is required, an attorney can quickly turn to the endnotes of each state’s subsection for the cited statutory or common law authority.

When preparing for key depositions, The Products Liability Desk Reference offers essential insights into the common legal themes that are routinely the focus of plaintiff, treating physician, expert witness, and corporate witness depositions.

The 2016 edition of The Products Liability Desk Reference: A Fifty State Compendium is published by Wolters Kluwer Law & Business.


R. Joseph Kramer

R. Joseph Kramer is a pharmaceutical and medical device products liability attorney. He has experience with all stages of litigation. Mr. Kramer has played major roles at his firm in the Actos, Incretin Mimetics, Diacetyl, and Transvaginal Mesh litigations. In addition, he has made contributions and appearances in the SSRI, Stevens-Johnson, Fosamax, and Bair Hugger cases. Mr. Kramer has worked on small trial teams taking products liability cases to trial and actively helps manage multiple litigation areas for TorHoerman Law LLC, a boutique products liability firm with offices in Edwardsville, Illinois, Chicago, Illinois, and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.