February 01, 2016

TAPAs: Desktops 2016

Jeffrey Allen and Ashley Hallene


Figure 1 Image courtesy of unsplash.com

Whether you are starting out, transitioning to a solo or small firm practice or just in need of an upgrade for aging technology, choosing the right desktop computer for your needs can take time and energy that you could be pouring into your practice. Rather than leave you to your own devices, here are some tips that may narrow your search. Please note that we have intentionally not addressed the operating system or computer manufacturer in this article. We assume you will most likely use a current iteration of Windows or a current iteration of Apple’s Mac OS X as your operating system and hardware that will run that OS. The advice below can apply to both Mac and Windows-based computers. In the “for whatever it is worth” department, one of the authors is primarily a Mac person and the other primarily a Windows person.

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