April 01, 2016

Five Steps to Conduct E-Discovery on a Small Budget

Jeff Kerr

E-discovery is widely considered to be expensive, and while it often is, parties don’t need to break the bank to have access to the valuable evidence that e‑discovery makes available. In one recent case, a vendor quoted over $22,000 to collect email and social media evidence. In another case, a vendor projected that e-discovery involving approximately 505GB would cost $189,300. The parties in these cases, however, likely could have paid far less if they had taken the reigns of the e-discovery process from the beginning. In fact, addressing e-discovery early in a case typically saves money because the precision of electronic evidence often causes cases to settle. (Why go to court when an email or a text shows exactly what happened?) This article will review five steps that have proven helpful for keeping e-discovery costs under control.

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