November 01, 2015

TAPAs: Dealing with Disaster

Jeffrey Allen and Ashley Hallene

Disasters happen. Sometimes disasters result from natural causes and sometimes as a result of the acts of people. Whether a fire, a terrorist’s bomb, an earthquake, or a hurricane or some other form of disaster destroys your office building makes little difference to your practice. Even if the disaster does not cause a catastrophic loss to your office building, it could create serious problems for you. Several years ago one of the authors had to relocate to a different part of the office building pending repairs when the firm’s suite flooded as the result of a burst water pipe. If you have not properly prepared to deal with a disaster, the damage to the building can compromise if not destroy your practice. Not every lawyer will have to face a catastrophic loss of that nature, but none of us can know whether or not the list of those so impacted will include us. Lawyers often advise clients to plan for the worst case scenario. Lawyers need to take their own advice and plan for disaster, just in case it strikes close to home. We have a few tips to help you prepare to deal with disaster.

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