March 01, 2015

TAPAs: Tick Tock: Tips on Time and Billing

Jeffrey Allen and Ashley Hallene

The need to master time and billing is about as certain as death and taxes for the solo or small firm attorney. Whether you are just starting out in your practice, or looking for ways to improve the efficiency of your practice, it is helpful to evaluate your time and billing habits and identify ways to improve them. Increasing your efficiency, even just a little bit, adds up quickly. Let’s say you bill at $200 an hour, and you capture an extra quarter of an hour every day (just 15 minutes) You gain $50 a day, $250 a week, a little over $1,000per month, and $13,000 a year—for just one timekeeper. If you have four attorneys at your firm, that amounts to $52,000 a year.

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