June 01, 2015

Planting Seeds of Social Change

Artika Tyner

While attending the 2015 GP|Solo Spring Meeting in Hawaii, I was reminded that the true essence of leadership is interconnectedness. This is a focus on building a shared vision for the future which promotes equity and justice. I found myself walking along Banyan Way to finally have a glimpse of a banyan tree. I had researched the history of the banyan tree for a number of years, and this was my first opportunity to witness this powerful image. This tree serves as a metaphor for leadership rooted in community engagement, which flourishes through strategic partnerships. As I stood in front of a banyan tree, I looked closely at its branches. Unique to this tree is its ability to grow outward by new roots that are formed from the branches. Each community member represents a branch as his or her leadership voice begins to emerge. These branches grow upward together and are intertwined as everyday people exercise their united power and utilize their voices to advocate for social change.

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