September 01, 2014

TAPAs: Technology And Practice Advice

Jeffrey Allen and Ashley Hallene

1. Use Adobe Acrobat Professional

We believe that every law office in the country should have and use Acrobat Professional. PDF has become a de facto standard for the delivery of documents and exchange of information. Although the free Adobe Reader lets you open and read PDF files, and many programs let you create PDF files, most of those programs do not provide the features available to you through Acrobat Professional. Note that if you use the Mac OS, Acrobat comes only in the professional version. If you use Windows, Acrobat comes in the professional and in lesser versions (Standard being the most common). Professional adds several features that make it work better for lawyers (such as true redaction). We think it is worth the extra cost. Acrobat Pro (now in version XI) works well on both the Mac OS and current versions of Windows.

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