November 01, 2014

Product Note: iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

Jeffrey Allen
Neither the ABA nor ABA entities endorse non-ABA products or services. This review should not be construed as an endorsement.

I got my iPhone 6 Plus last month and have been using it steadily ever since. I had some initial hiccups with respect to the transfer of data from my iPhone 5s backup image and connecting it to my car’s built-in hands-free system (all of which have now been resolved). Having used the 6 Plus for several weeks, I have concluded that the iPhone 6/6 Plus represent the best combination of features available in a smartphone today. Although I recognize that the Samsung Galaxy S5 hardware is a strong competitor and has some specifications actually better than the 6/6 Plus (but lacks the sleekness and svelteness of the iPhones), the superiority of the iTunes Store and the available memory packages of up to 128 GB on the iPhone 6/6 Plus give them the edge, in my opinion. In the interests of full disclosure, I will advise that I have both a Galaxy 5S and an iPhone 6 Plus, so I have had the opportunity to compare them very closely. I carry both, as I travel a lot, and, while the situation has dramatically improved, it remains a fact that none of the networks works equally well everywhere. In choosing a provider, you have a better chance of getting a phone that works well for you by getting one through the provider that dominates your area. I have my Galaxy on Verizon and my iPhone on ATT, as they are the two biggest providers and appear to have the best overall coverage maps.

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