April 01, 2014

ProductNote: A Day in the Life of a Firm Central User

Ashley Hallene and Jeffrey Allen
Neither the ABA nor ABA entities endorse non-ABA products or services. This review should not be construed as an endorsement.

Thomson Reuters (TR), a GPSolo Division sponsor, has developed a multiplatform practice-management tool to help level the playing field for solo and small firm lawyers. It joins a growing market of cloud-based practice-management tools, which promise anytime/anywhere access for lawyers no matter the size of the firm. Because it lives in the cloud, it works on both the Mac Os X and the Windows platforms. You can even access it on your iPad. You can learn all about Firm Central at the TR website. TR designed the program to function as the hub of a small firm’s practice, allowing for the centralized coordination of information vital to the practice.

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