September 01, 2013

Drafting Transaction Agreements

Brad Dashoff and John Antonacci
  • What items need to be on my checklist for drafting real estate transaction documents?
From The Commercial Real Estate Lawyer's Job: A Survival Guide, Chapter 17.

Almost all drafting of legal documents takes place on computers and even certain legal processes can now be handled electronically. Historically, lawyers had documents typed by typewriter, and retyped if there were mistakes, and then hoped they had enough time to get the document filed where it needed to be filed by the time it needed to be filed, such as at a courthouse if for a litigation, or in the land records if for a real estate transaction. Now, with the “luxury” of computers, we can easily type and revise documents and, with the click of a button, make many types of filings electronically. Securities filings can be made with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Entities can be created in certain jurisdictions, such as Delaware, through electronic filings, and an original signature by the person forming the entity is no longer needed.

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