October 01, 2013

Five Lessons Lawyers Can Learn from Lean In

Sharolyn C. Whiting-Ralston
What pieces of advice are particularly relevant for lawyers?

Is this just a book for women, or can men profit from reading it?

Earlier this year everyone was abuzz about Sheryl Sandberg’s book Lean In.  Much of the buzz wrongly surrounded the ever-present question of women in the workforce, aka the “mommy wars.” Well, the book has nothing to do with the question of whether a person (man or woman) should stay home with their children if the opportunity arises, but rather has everything to do with making smart choices about your professional and personal life. While Sandberg initially describes this book as dealing with feminist issues, she ultimately concludes, and rightly so, that the issues (and her advice) are applicable to both sexes. Being a woman, I highly recommend the book for newer female lawyers; however, I also recommend the book to newer male lawyers, as the principals are the same regardless of your gender.

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