June 01, 2013

The Texas Traffic Team

Pat Monks
  • Can traffic ticket defense be big business?

I have been practicing law in Texas for 29 years, and fell into this traffic ticket practice quite by accident. In Texas, traffic ticket defense is big business. It’s also a high-volume practice with low pay. Everyone is entitled to a jury trial on almost every traffic ticket in Texas, including parking tickets. This jury trial practice creates an entire level of administration that is not found in most states. Texas has 254 counties, with almost 900 municipal courts and 900 justice of the peace courts. That’s almost 1,800 courts in Texas processing millions of traffic citations a year. With Texas having the most highway mileage in the United States, there is opportunity for attorneys in this business. Plus, attorneys are allowed to post appearance bonds on behalf of clients in this state. That means additional fees for attorneys for defendants who fail to appear on court dates. Most states prohibit this practice.

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