June 01, 2013

Macnotes: New iPhone, iPad Mini, and the Fusion Drive

Jeffrey Allen
  • Will the new iPhone be worth purchasing?
  • What are the useful attributes of the iPad Mini?
  • Should you shell out for the Fusion Drive?

The world of Mac buzzes constantly with rumors. As I do not much fancy rumors, I try to avoid writing about them; but, sometimes, you just have to say something about them. As most of you likely know, members of the technology industry thrive on regularly improving their products on a regular basis to induce customers to buy yet another version of their products. As someone who lives on the bleeding edge of technology, I do not deny that on many occasions, the siren song of a new model of a product, particularly an Apple product, has wooed me successfully. But then again, someone has to jump into the fray to check these things out and report on them to you. (See how easily I can justify my habit). Sometimes the product innovations in upgraded models justify the expense; but often they do not (even in the world of Apple), and a wiser and more conservative approach to upgrading will save you money (and, perhaps, some disappointment).

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