July 01, 2013

Product Note: Asus Zenbook UX51VZ Laptop

Ashley Hallene
  • Why buy an Asus rather than a Macbook, Dell, HP, or Toshiba?

Every now and then your hardware needs upgrading. For me, this was the year to update my laptop. I noticed increasingly over the last few years that I was hesitant to bring my laptop on trips and, more often than not, opted to take the iPad instead. The iPad is perfect for many tasks on the road, but it does not equal the power and productivity of a laptop. My hang-up was mostly on the weight of the laptop, 9.2 lbs., before you add in the weight of the charger and any other peripherals. So my goal when it was time to upgrade was to find a power-packed Windows machine that was as light as a feather and as much of a productivity heavyweight as a desktop. Originally I set out with the mindset of purchasing an ultrabook. I envisioned the Windows equivalent of the Macbook Air. During my research, though, I found that neither the Windows-based ultrabooks nor the Macbook Air possessed all the power or features I was really looking for: thin, lightweight, dedicated graphics, fast processor, and solid state hard drive.

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