January 01, 2013

A Primer on Title VII: Part One

Damon Ritenhouse

Editor Note - Attached is the first of a segmented article regarding Title VII.  I find the article very helpful and is valuable to anyone who gets involved in claims of discrimination.  I hope you enjoy it.  Best regards, Jim Schwartz

There are a bevy of statutes whose primary aim is ending racial discrimination in the employment context. The centerpiece of this effort is Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.1 Despite the array of laws prohibiting racial discrimination in the workplace, this phenomenon persists and works to the detriment of racial minorities seeking equal treatment at work.2 The majority of Americans have adopted an egalitarian attitude toward race, and what were once overt instances of racial discrimination have become surreptitious.3 However, this subtle concealment does not change the fact that racial discrimination is a fact of life for minority employees. Wage disparities, undesirable assignments, and denial of access to training and other opportunities continue to plague racial minorities.4 Bias often operates below the surface, and combines with the boundaryless workplace to create problems that Title VII and the judiciary are ill-equipped to handle.5

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