January 01, 2013

A Warning to New Lawyers

The Supreme Court of Ohio

Editor's Note: Below please find a decision of the Supreme Court of Ohio regarding failing to supervise the use of your signature and entering contracts without your permission. It is a strong warning to attorneys and should be read by all.  Best regards,  Jim Schwartz

Disciplinary Counsel

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November 30, 2012

Ms. Virginia Miller, Esq.
Bar Counsel
Smith and Miller
36 West Jefferson St.
Jefferson, OH 44047

RE: A WARNING to New Lawyers

Dear Ms. Miller:

On November 5th the Supreme Court of Ohio swore in nearly 900 new attorneys. After the court issued its decision in Disciplinary Counsel v. Lorenzon, 2012 WL 4944302 (Ohio) we met with representatives from the Ohio Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Division. These folks told us that the fact pattern of Lorenzon is commonplace, that new/young attorneys are being targeted, often by ads similar to the one enclosed that appeared on craigslist [Editor's note: attached to original letter, but not reprintable because of copyright], by out of state credit repair and foreclosure rescue operations to act as the Ohio “face” for and assist in their consumer fraud. As we know that more new lawyers than ever are starting solo practices right out of law school, this is an issue of grave concern.

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