January 01, 2012

Sites for Sore Eyes: Beyond the Basics of Google

Jim Calloway
  • Google has features that are helpful for small firm lawyers.
  • You can use some of its existing features in creative ways to assist you in your legal research, for free.

As we all know by now, Google is more than just a website or a search engine. It is truly an information giant with the rather immodest goal of cataloging and making accessible all of the information in the world. Many lawyers use several of the numerous Google services every day. Some lawyers run their entire law firms using Google Apps for Business, which for a reasonable fee provides 24-hour support and increased email security. When I am working on a joint paper with out-of-state colleagues, we almost always use Google Docs so all of us can access the same document, knowing that it is the latest version. (It is a bit strange at first to see someone else live editing the same document at the same time you are writing or editing.)

So this month, we’ll look at some Google tips that are useful for lawyers.

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