February 01, 2012

One L Deconstructed: Ten Things Worth Knowing Before Stepping Foot Into Law School

David Bender
  • Learn whether to adopt new strategies or to keep time-tested practices.
  • Learn what to focus on and what to ignore.

One L. A term, a myth, a horror, and an accomplishment all rolled into a mere number appearing alongside a letter. For many, its recollection sparks an involuntary physical groan—a caffeine-filled memory of an intellectual and emotional whirlwind that at once has come to represent our best and our worst, our most enlightened and confused, our deepest rut, but yet our tallest triumph. Yet, just as a mountain climber stands atop the mountaintop, reflecting back on his path upward with greater clarity than ever before, those who have successfully navigated the 1L terrain can look back on it with at least a morsel of wisdom worth passing on to the next generation of legal scholars prepared to tackle its challenges. The following ten pieces of advice represent my own personal blueprint for one’s success in law school. Armed with this knowledge, law school will be both enriching and highly navigable.

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