October 01, 2011

Product Note: Deadlines.com Web-Based Calendaring for Small Firms

Ross Veta

Our business litigation firm handles scores of complex cases each year, each with their own unique set of activities, motions, hearing dates, and deadlines and each with their own set of moving targets throughout the complex litigation processes. Knowing that calendaring is one of the most vital aspects of litigation, in addition to being one of the biggest potential issues as it relates to missed court deadlines and malpractice risk, we acquired the original version of Deadlines.com when it was first introduced as Deadlines On Demand (DOD) in 2006. In its original form, DOD provided the basics of what we needed to make sure that our deadlines were identified well in advance and that we could prepare for them in a timely manner. Little did we know that this was just the beginning of something even better.

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