October 01, 2019 The BLT (Balanced Life Theory)

A Season of Change

Cedric Ashley
How can one fill a predecessor's shoes?

How can one fill a predecessor's shoes?

The season of fall is upon us. Autumn is associated with change and new beginnings. A new school year, the fall harvest, and the dynamic color change in foliage all demarcate a period of transition. GPSolo magazine is also in a period of transition. You are reading the first issue of GPSolo as an electronic-only distributed magazine. That’s right. Starting with this edition, a printed copy will no longer be mailed to you. As with all transitions, this will take some getting used to. Although you should not go through the five stages of grief and loss, you will undoubtedly experience some angst. Some of you early tech adopters (or Millennials) might joyfully exclaim, “What took you so long?!” Some of you late tech adopters (or Boomers) might have taken a few days or weeks before you even opened and explored this edition. All the while, you might be muttering that you don’t like this, this is inconvenient, or you might even be pulling out your rotary desk phone to place a long-distance call to area code 312. Some of you middle tech adopters (and Gen Xers) might find yourself where you always are—in between. We are squeezed between generations and are the generation that started our lives in a paper-and-pen world and are now adapting to a digital world. We have books on our tablets and books on our shelves.

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