October 01, 2019 Road Warrior

The Road Warrior and the Case of the Missing iPhone

Jeffrey Allen

Okay, don’t hassle me about the Sherlock Holmes thing; I have always enjoyed those stories. Also don’t get too upset at the double entendre in the title, which will sneak up on you by the end of this column. That said, let me tell you the story of the case of the missing iPhone and how I solved it using Holmesian logic and Watsonian technology. I will also sneak in a product review or two, just because I can. I know that many of you have a tendency to think that because of who I am and the technological expertise that I have acquired, when it comes to technology, I don’t make mistakes. While I have cultivated that reputation, the truth of the matter remains that technologists, just like normal people, can make a mistake when it comes to handling technology. (If you prick us, do we not bleed? If you hack us, shall we not have problems? I am stopping here as I am sure you get the idea.) The difference is that technologists may have a better base of knowledge to assist in solving the problem they created and that some of them might even have the audacity to own up to the mistake and write a column about it so that others can learn from the event as well. So, in this column, I will own up to a careless mistake and give you some help in avoiding the problem and preparing for it going forward.

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