What Are Your Practice Management Priorities for 2019?

Cedric Ashley, Ayesha Hamilton, Rahul Arora, and Carol L. Schlein

The profession, practice, and business of law continue to be in a state of evolution. There are many factors impacting our practice. The commodification and open sourcing of legal documents is one of those factors. There was a time when our stock and trade dealt with the preparation of legal documents for clients. Now many of these documents are either available for free through a quick Google search or at a very low price from an online legal document provider. The core of what we do involves providing legal advice and services to our clients. This is also being impinged upon, whether by lawyer websites that offer tons of legal information (with a disclaimer that it is not advice and no attorney-client relationship is created) or by online legal providers (with a disclaimer that they are not providing legal services). We are also confronted with the off-shoring of legal services. Similar to the medical profession’s use of overseas/overnight radiologists to view imaging studies, there is a growing trend toward the off-shoring of some “limited” legal work (research, document review, document preparation) to other countries.

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