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Searching for additional resources in access to justice? Take a look at the ABA publications below and check out the helpful links to website resources hosted by the GPSolo Division and the ABA. To order any of the products listed below, call the ABA Service Center at 800/285-2221 or visit our website at

Access to Civil Justice in the District of Columbia: A Case Study of the D.C. Access to Justice Commission

By Peter B. Edelman (ABA Judicial Division; article reprint from The Judges’ Journal, Volume 47, Number 4, Fall 2008; PC 52301004704PDFA03; $19.95; ABA member price $14.95)

More than three years into the life of the D.C. Commission, there are tangible accomplishments, a sense of purpose, and a shared belief that the Commission plays a unique role.

Access to Justice in New York City

By Edwina F. Martin (ABA Judicial Division; article reprint from The Judges’ Journal, Volume 47, Number 3, Summer 2008; PC 52301004703PDFA04; $19.95; ABA member price $14.95)

Twenty percent of New Yorkers—2 million people—live in poverty. Few have access to the legal system. Legal Services NYC reports from the trenches.

Court Funding, Technology, and Access to Justice

By William T. (Bill) Robinson III (ABA Section of Science & Technology Law; article reprint from The SciTech Lawyer, Volume 8, Number 3, Spring 2012; PC 54580000804PDFA05; $19.95; ABA member price $14.95)

In the effort to persuade those who hold the purse strings that adequately funding our judiciary is crucial, lawyers alone cannot make the case. Constituencies for court funding must be built in states across the nation. With access to justice at stake, the risk is too great.

Developments in Administrative Law and Regulatory Practice, 2017 Edition

Edited by Robert A. Divis (ABA Section of Administrative Law and Regulatory Practice; 2017; PC 5010091; $59.95; ABA member price $54.95)

This new edition describes the four primary administrative process topics (e.g., Adjudication, Constitutional Law and Separation of Powers, Judicial Review, and Rulemaking), while separate chapters are devoted to substantive areas of practice, including a section on Judicial Developments Involving Access to Courts.

Essential Qualities of the Professional Lawyer

Edited by Paul A. Haskins (ABA Center for Professional Responsibility; 1999; PC 2150048; $9.95)

This essential resource addresses a widely observed gap in legal education and professionalism materials on professional development in a practice-focused context. This volume will also help students and new lawyers meet the challenge of developing a sense of direction and competencies for navigating uncertainty, including access to justice and service to society.

Lawyers Working to End Homelessness (E-Book)

(ABA Commission on Homelessness and Poverty; 2006; PC 4180012PDF; $4.95)

With contributions from a broad range of lawyers, judges, law students, and service providers, the book speaks to all readers who are interested in using their skills to help those who are often overlooked or ignored.

Limited Scope Legal Services: Unbundling and the Self-Help Client

By Stephanie L. Kimbro (ABA Law Practice Division; 2012; PC 5110740; $79.95)

In this rapidly changing economic and legal climate, lawyers are seeking new methods for delivering their services efficiently and effectively while attracting new types of clients. For many firms, limited-scope representation—also known as à la carte or unbundled legal services—may be the solution. This book provides lawyers of all types—from solo to big law—with practical, tested solutions for setting up unbundling practices in their firms.

Mobilizing Judges, Lawyers, and Communities: State Access to Justice Commissions

By Justice Karla M. Gray and Robert Echols (ABA Judicial Division; article reprint from The Judges’ Journal, Volume 47, Number 3, Summer 2008; PC 52301004703PDFA07; $19.95; ABA member price $14.95)

The creation of state access to justice commissions has constituted one of the most important legal developments of the past decade, and judges are the single most important factor in their success.

Moving Diversity Forward: How to Go from Well-Meaning to Well-Doing

By Vernā A. Myers (ABA Solo, Small Firm and General Practice Division; 2011; PC 5150448; $49.95; GPSolo member price $42.95)

If you believe that your organization has done everything it can to enhance its diversity, and if you are still frustrated at how little progress you have made, this book is for you. It is an instructive read for all of those who wish to live and work in a multicultural world where everyone has a fair chance to succeed and contribute.

New Concepts in Equal Access to Justice: Recent State Developments Regarding Civil Right to Counsel

By Terrence J. Brooks (ABA Judicial Division; article reprint from The Judges’ Journal, Volume 47, Number 4, Fall 2008; PC 52301004704PDFA06; $19.95; ABA member price $14.95)

In 2006, the ABA urged recognition of a civil right to counsel. Since then, bar associations, courts, and other organizations have taken decisive steps in the direction of this important goal.

The Reality of Poverty: Reflections on Access to Justice

By Cruz Reynoso (ABA Judicial Division; article reprint from The Judges’ Journal, Volume 47, Number 3, Summer 2008; PC 52301004703PDFA03; $19.95; ABA member price $14.95)

A former California Supreme Court justice and lifelong advocate for the poor detects a new vigor “to seek after justice.” But still, the most serious impediment to justice is poverty. Public policy must be reinvigorated by the ideals of an earlier time.

Reinventing the Practice of Law: Emerging Models to Enhance Affordable Legal Services

By Luz Herrera (ABA Book Publishing; 2014; PC 1620590; $34.95; ABA member price $29.95)

These essays from nationally known lawyers address the practical, ethical, and business dimensions of new ways to provide legal advice and assistance to moderate-income clients.

The Relevant Lawyer: Reimagining the Future of the Legal Profession

Edited by Paul A. Haskins (ABA Center for Professional Responsibility; 2015; PC 2150060; $49.95; ABA member price $39.95)

This book represents the vision and commitment of the ABA Standing Committee on Professionalism, deriving from and supporting their vital purpose of preserving, protecting, and advancing the highest ideals of the legal profession.

Self-Represented Litigants: Challenges and Opportunities for Access to Justice

By Bonnie Rose Hough and Laurie D. Zelon (ABA Judicial Division; article reprint from The Judges’ Journal, Volume 47, Number 3, Summer 2008; PC 52301004703PDFA06; $19.95; ABA member price $14.95)

Judges can provide innovative leadership in the courtroom and in the community on the issues raised by the ever-increasing numbers of litigants without lawyers.

Standards for Programs Providing Civil Pro Bono Legal Services to Persons of Limited Means

By Cheryl M. Zalenski (ABA Standing Committee on Pro Bono and Public Service; 2014; PC 1620614; $99.95; ABA member price $79.95)

Whether your program is new or already established, this book provides the necessary tools to create a successful, effective, and efficient program.

Stoking the Coals: Creating a Culture of Giving and Support for Legal Aid

By Deborah G. Hankinson (ABA Judicial Division; article reprint from The Judges’ Journal, Volume 47, Number 4, Fall 2008; PC 52301004704PDFA09; $19.95; ABA member price $14.95)

A former Texas supreme court justice traveled to Wisconsin to talk about access-to-justice efforts in both states. Her message is useful for all who are working to advance the cause of equal justice.

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