December 20, 2018 The Chair’s Corner

The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same

By Melanie Bragg

This issue of the award-winning GPSolo magazine is all about “The Law and the Internet.” We all know that the Internet drastically changed the way we practice law, and since the advent of e-mail all the processes of communication have undergone radical transformation. We went from the old days of typing a letter on carbon paper, putting it into the mail, and getting a response, to finally having mag cards to store things, to the advent of the fax machine in the 1980s, to the Blackberry pager that e-mailed. Soon there was e-discovery and e-filing, and each day things continue to change. In this issue you will learn about all the aspects of the law relating to the Internet that are undergoing transformation. You will learn about our ethical duty to review, study, and implement the new rules about the new privacy protections, and about ways to protect our clients’ data. The content of this issue is a treasure trove of information.

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