Road Warrior

Travel for Fun and Profit

By Jeffrey Allen

Before getting into the meat of this column, let me take a moment to disclose a spoiler alert: This column will have a different focus than most of my columns. In this column, I will not focus on technology (although I will include some information about it). I will also not focus on civil disobedience (although, again, I will address it). I will talk about some of the fringe benefits of living as a mobile lawyer and the beneficial impact it can have on our lives. I have chosen to write about one of the fringe benefits of life as a Road Warrior—expansion of your personal knowledge and satisfaction through extension of business travel—in this column for three reasons: (1) I believe in the importance of downtime and developing the person in addition to the professional (particularly given the information that has come to light about lawyer burnout and its consequences); (2) this issue of GPSolo magazine has taken civil disobedience as its theme; and (3) we just concluded Black History Month.

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