The Military’s Campaign Against Sexual Assault

By Jay Thoman and Erika Andresen

We read Justice Eileen C. Moore’s article about sexual assault in the military when it was published in the January/February 2018 issue of GPSolo magazine (tinyurl.com/ybnd9gqy). As U.S. Army judge advocates who have witnessed a monumental change in the way sexual assault cases are handled, we felt compelled to respond to the many inaccuracies in her article. While the abuse and lack of appropriate response Justice Moore suffered in 1966 is reprehensible, thankfully significant changes in military society and discipline have occurred in the ensuing years—and especially the last ten years. Sexual assault has no place anywhere in society, particularly the military, where trust and team mentality are essential to mission accomplishment. No senior military leader disagrees. In fact, commanders are a key component in the fight against sexual assault as they not only want to protect their soldiers, but they also recognize that eliminating sexual assault within their ranks is a readiness issue critical to battlefield success.

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