March/April 2018: Lawyer Stories

A Solo Lawyer’s Story

Cover Story

A Solo Lawyer’s Story

Important lessons for sole practitioners: expect the unexpected; be open to mentors from atypical sources; and enjoy the journey.

The author makes the case for keeping issues of diversity and inclusion at the forefront in decision making.

A minefield of potential conflicts awaits attorneys on charitable boards.

As a family law attorney, you will provide legal opinions to your clients, but you also will be acting as therapist and friend.

As a public servant, the author assists both a federal agency and the people and entities that interact with it.

To properly staff your firm, assess your needs; determine the knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) necessary; and find people with those KSAs.

The way Road Warriors practice law has changed dramatically because of newer and more supportive technology.

Keys to making sure your personal information is secure include ordering your free credit report, unsubscribing from e-mails, and using a password manager.

Make sure you’re authoring your own story and not just playing a role in someone else’s.

Why is term insurance so popular, when is it appropriate, and what should you look for in a term plan?

Check out these ABA books and web resources that will help you make the most of your legal career, whatever your lawyer story.

The Chair-Elect previews the 2018–2019 Bar Year and its theme, “Tradition Meets Innovation.”

Diversity and Young Lawyers Fellowships applications are due soon; Salesgenie available to GPSolo members; Joint Spring Meeting details.

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March / April 2018
Issue Editors

Joshua Paulin (convening issue editor)
Wells H. Anderson
Andrew C. Clark
Ashley Hallene
Aastha Madaan
Christine M. Meadows
Ariadne S. Montare
Ronza J. Rafo
Cynthia Sharp
Eileen Sullivan
Alan J. Klevan


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