Starting a Niche Practice: Fit That Round Peg in the Square Hole

By Amanda Selogie

As I stood on the basketball court of the elementary school playground, playing “HORSE” with Timmy (his name has been changed for confidentiality), I grappled with an age-old question: Was I doing enough? Could I do more? Timmy was a second-grader living with Down syndrome who loved playing basketball, would school me on the court, and found motivation for school in the sport and engaging with his typical peers. I had worked with Timmy for a year as his one-to-one aide while I was facing a looming college graduation . . . and a decision. I thought I would follow in my aunt’s footsteps teaching special education. I loved the time I spent at this school—a charter school that took full inclusion to new heights, where all students were included and provided the tools and supports they needed to have an equal opportunity to succeed.

Starting a niche practice

Starting a niche practice

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