January/February 2018: Veterans Law

Representing Veterans: A Primer

Cover Story

Representing Veterans: A Primer

The VA claims process can be frustrating but rewarding when you help provide lifelong financial stability to our country’s veterans.

Seeking damages for wrongful transmission of an STD is justifiable but complicated.

The real key to being trusted in the courtroom is credibility, not likability.

Learn to handle legal matters with the same data-driven rigor that your clients do.

A well-drafted National Firearms Act trust sharply limits the trustee’s power to transfer NFA firearms.

Contractors should consider intellectual property rights from contract negotiation through performance.

The Veterans Claims Assistance Network is looking for volunteer lawyers eager to give back to those who have served us.

As you engage in meaningful communication with your firm’s target community, you’ll build profitable relationships along the way.

Even if you’re moving toward retirement, you’ll still use your Road Warrior skills. Luckily, practicing away from a traditional office is easier than ever.

By creating a healthy lifestyle and workstyle, you’ll minimize disasters and maximize your ability to handle them when they strike.

Follow these tips and your résumé will accomplish its goal: getting you a job interview.

Did you get married last year? Have a baby? Buy a home or car? If so, check your financial picture to see what insurance you need.

Check out these ABA books, CLE packages, and web resources in veterans law.

Now’s the time to take stock of your relationships with your family, co-workers, and clients—and resolve to improve them.

GPSolo's Nominating Committee has selected candidates for secretary and five at-large members of the Division Council.

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January / February 2018
Issue Editors

Alan E. DeWoskin (convening issue editor)
Sheila-Marie Finkelstein
Savannah Potter-Miller
Eileen Sullivan
Thomas Tully
Jeffrey J. Bunten
James M. Durant III


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