Chair's Corner

May You Live in Interesting Times

David H. Lefton

What a year it has been since the 2017–2018 Bar Year started last August. The ancient Chinese curse that states “may you live in interesting times” must have evolved during a time period like we are living in today. Since the beginning of the Bar Year it seems every day brings with it shocking new stories. Where should I begin? Maybe the immigration ban; or the people we’ve lost, such as Mary Tyler Moore and Gene Wilder; or President Donald Trump’s tweets; or the Cubs winning the World Series, snapping a 108-year drought; or the election and protest rallies since the election; or the Obamacare debate; or some of the tumult in the world around us, such as North Korea’s weapons tests, the United Kingdom’s vote on Brexit, and the terror attack in France. This has also been an interesting time—but we hope in an entirely positive way—within the Solo, Small Firm and General Practice Division as we are implementing and working on a number of new things for our members.

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