Brace for Impact: Digital Disaster Recovery Planning and Cloud Backup

James R. Gast Jr., David Myers

You’ve just gotten back to the office from a long morning at court, a meeting at opposing counsel’s office, and a marathon lunch with your accountant; it’s now 2:00 pm and you’ve only got 30 minutes to review the docs your staff has prepared for you before an important client meeting. You sit down at your desk, grab the papers, and start proofing them. You find a typo and rather than ask someone to fix it, you open Microsoft Word, navigate to the location of the doc on your network drive, and try to open it—but it gives you some strange error. You get a call from the receptionist that your client has just arrived. You call your paralegal and ask him to e-mail you the doc so you can correct and print it. While on the phone he has the same problem you had with the doc—an error message and a doc that looks like gibberish. A second later two other staffers run into your office in a panic saying they can’t open anything on their computers. One of them speaks up and says, “I think we have a virus.” Hope your backups are good!

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